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Meet the Artist

I thought it was time for you to meet the artist behind the art. So hello!

Fawn Fanart

A bit of fan art for a cosplayer I look up to and their lovely oc, Fawn!

Magical Wedding

Been working on a bit of a larger illustration and trying to expand some of my character costuming into an area I’m unfamiliar with. Turned bridal, so I went with it. Quite happy with the results.

Bunny Pin-Up

An illustration from my classes done in a 50’s style cartoon illustration in order to emphasize the pin-up style and show off this character’s dress and curves. I am very happy with how this turned out and it’s a ton… Continue Reading →

Jar of Stars

A simple image of my oc in a jar of paper stars. It’s based on the old story that folding a thousand paper stars, paper cranes, or other similar items, would make a wish of yours come true. It’s also… Continue Reading →

Magical Details

Two profile illustrations done to showcase some less-than-usual details on characters. Not all magic-related details need to be large and obvious.

Magical Procession

A large illustration created for a school project filled with original characters and set in a magical sunset setting. I’m very happy with this and the amount of time I put into it.

Clockwork Angel

Another piece for my classes I’m happy with, this time based off of a favourite book series of mine, Clockwork Angel from the Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare. Working on lighting and backgrounds in order to improve the complexities of… Continue Reading →

Hellbunny Selfie

A larger illustration created for school featuring a character of my own design meant to be inspired by the UK women’s clothing brand Hellbunny. It was a fun illustration to do and it was a struggle to include multiple characters… Continue Reading →

90’s Monsters

A large illustration I completed of some characters of mine. The theme was the 90’s, so it was fun to create patterns and designs I don’t think of using nowadays.

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